Challenge 1

Mr. Porters 1st challenge, set on Monday 23rd March. What fantastic rainbows, they brighten up our days. Well done to you all. More are being added during the morning, keep checking.

Challenge 2

Mr.Porters 2nd challenge, set on Tuesday 24th March. Keep looking for the results of your second challenge..
Mr.Porters garden is amongst the images too :)

Challenge 3

Mr.Porters 3rd challenge, set on Wednesday 25th March. Keep looking for examples of your third challenge..
Mr. Porters 'upset tree' is above for you to see :)

Challenge 4

Mr.Porters 4th challenge, set on Thursday 26th March. Keep looking for examples of your fourth challenge..
I wonder who the member of staff will be??

Challenge 5

Mr.Porters 5th challenge, set on Friday 27th March. Keep looking for examples of your fifth challenge..

Challenge 6

Mr.Porters 6th challenge, set on Monday 30th March. Keep looking for examples of your den challenge..

Challenge 7

Mr.Porters 7th challenge, set on Tuesday 31st March. Keep looking for examples of your paper planes challenge flying in.

Challenge 8

Mr.Porters 8th challenge, set on Wednesday 1st April. Keep looking for examples of your helpful tasks at home.

Challenge 9

Mr.Porters 9th challenge, set on Thursday 2nd April. Keep looking for eggsamples of your eggciting eggs.

Challenge 10

Mr.Porters 10th challenge, set on Friday 3rd April.  Keep checking for examples of your creative obstacle courses.

🌞 Summer Term

Challenge 11

Mr.  Porters 11th challenge, set on Monday 20th April.  Keep checking for drawings of your friends.

Challenge 12

Mr. Porters 12th challenge, set on Tuesday 21st April.  Your family photos will appear here throughout the day, keep checking.

Challenge 13

Mr.Porters 13th challenge, set on Wednesday 22nd April.  Your family crest photos will appear here throughout the day, keep checking.

Challenge 14

Mr.Porters 14th challenge, set on Thursday 23rd April.  Pictures of pets today, look out for your perfect pet pictures.

Challenge 15

Mr.Porters 15th challenge, set on Friday 24th April. Look out for your 'big hello' to family that you can't be with at the moment.

Challenge 16

Mr.Porters 16th challenge, set on Monday 27th April. Objects beginning with...A.
Keep checking for examples of your findings.

Challenge 17

Mr.Porters 17th challenge, set on Tuesday 28th April. Board games, what will they look like? Keep checking to see the new designs.

Challenge 18

Mr.Porters 18th challenge, set on Wednesday 29th April. Posh puppets, pretty puppets, perculiar puppets, what will yours look like? Pop back and have a look at the creations to come.

Challenge 19

Mr.Porters 19th challenge, set on Thursday 30th April. Look into your mirror, what will you see? It will be great to see all your lovely faces. Keep checking to see who you recognise.

Happy 100 Birthday Captain Tom

Challenge 20

Mr. Porters 20th Challenge, set on 1st May 2020 What is the special day and what do the initials stand for. What will your front cover designs look like? Hmmmm.

Challenge 21

Mr. Porters 21st Challenge, set on 4th May 2020. May the 4th be with you. Look out for all your super space-ship models and drawings. 

Challenge 22

Mr. Porters 22nd Challenge, set on 5th May 2020. A two day challenge this time-to create bunting for VE day on Friday. What will yours include? Will yours win a prize?

Challenge 23

Mr. Porters 23rd Challenge, set on 7th May 2020. Will there be any brilliant bunkers today? Pop back and have a look.

Challenge 24

Mr. Porters 24th Challenge set on 8th May 2020. Show us how you celebrated VE day at home.

Challenge 25

Mr. Porters 25th Challenge set on 11th May 2020. I wonder what the most number of items in your matchboxes will be?

Challenge 26

Mr.Porters 26th Challenge set on 12th May 2020.  2 days this time for your favourite book character. I wonder if we will have 2 the same?

Challenge 27

Mr.Porters 27th Challenge set on 15th May 2020.  What will you do to make Mr. Porter smile?

Challenge 28

Mr Porter and Mrs Cadmans 28th Challenge set on 18th May 2020. Keep looking out for all your creative collages thoughout the day.

Challenge 29

Mr Porters 29th Challenge set on 19th May 2020. Which rock/pop star will you dress up as? Keep looking throught the day for Belle Vue 'stars' of the future.

Challenge 30

Mr Porters 30th Challenge set on 20th May 2020. Who will blow the biggest bubbles and will you get a photo before it bursts?

Challenge 31

Mr Porters 31st Challenge set on 22nd May 2020. Lots of people are now wearing protective masks. What design and colours would you add to a face mask? 




Challenge 32

Mr Porters 32nd Challenge set on 1st June 2020. Can you make a bird feeder for your garden? 

Challenge 33

Mr Porters 33rd Challenge set on 3rd June 2020. Can you think of something to eat for every letter of the alphabet? tricky.

Challenge 34

Mr Porters 34th Challenge set on 4th June 2020. What will your theme park ride look like? Keep looking, you might spot some ideas.

Challenge 35

Mr Porters 35th Challenge set on 8th June 2020. Will you find 10 different leaves in your garden?

Challenge 36

Mr Porters 36th Challenge set on 9th June 2020. How many objects can you find around your home that have 4 or more flat sides?

Challenge 37

Mr Porters 37th Challenge set on 10th June 2020. What will your bridge look like?

Challenge 38

Mr Porters 38th Challenge set on 12th June 2020. Where is your special place to read a book?

Challenge 39

Mr Porters 39th Challenge set on 15th June 2020. What would you design that could do a job for you?

Challenge 40!!

Mr Porters 40th Challenge set on 17th June 2020. Favourite meal, hmmmm fish and chips? Chinese take-away? What will yours be? 





Challenge 41

Mr Porters 41st Challenge set on 19th June 2020. How many words will be made?

Challenge 42

Mr Porters 42nd Challenge set on 22nd June 2020. What will you make and how will it move?

Challenge 43-wow!

Mr Porters 43rd Challenge set on 25th June 2020. Let's see how many hands, with lovely messages, we can get on here over the next few days. Keep checking to have a look at them.

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