Dear Parents/Carers
I know that some of you are having problems logging on to RMUnify- 'Google Classroom'.
To bypass this problem: Type 'Google Classroom' into the google search engine.
Click on the top link Once 'Google Classroom' loads, click on the + in the top right to join a class
Now type in the 'class code' that your teacher will have given you for your class.
You will now be a member of your class and ready for the activities that will appear for you.
Mrs Cadman

Literacy and Numeracy

Information to help support reading at home.

Twinkl Free Literacy resources- Click on the link above and sign in using the offer code:  CVDTWINKLHELPS


General Resources

Madame Cantin

Time together Fun and simple activities to do with your young child at home-see link below.

Dudley Learning Support Service is available to give advice or provide suggestions for:-see link below

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