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Dear Parents,

As you will no doubt have heard, last night at 7pm the Prime Minister announced that IF key targets have been met related to the pandemic in England, then the intention is to open school to Reception ,Year 1 and Year 6 classes.  Further guidance has been given this afternoon that states that IF feasible the school will then be open for all pupils with a month to go before the end of the academic year.

I must re-iterate that they key word in all of this is IF.  Obviously if data shows increased cases of infection or the R increases then the Government will reconsider what is practical and safe to do.

As a school we cannot sit back and wait on the word 'if' and therefore we have began to think about the implications of a return to school for the pupils and the staff of Belle Vue.  I met this morning with our Chair of Governors, Mrs Wilkes and Mrs Davies to plan out what key issues need to be addressed to ensure the safety of every single person on site. This evening I will be sharing this with the schools senior leadership team. In addition to these plans, we will of course be working extremely closely on a day to day basis in the build up to a possible return, with the local authority and health and safety departments within the council to ensure the highest level of safety available to all.

We will be considering every aspect of school from the make up of a week, beginning to the end of each day, entry and exit, timings, social distancing, hygiene, the use of outdoors, break times and cleaning procedures. Our planning may be similar to other schools but, in some cases be unique to our school due to the premises and staffing available in our case. Whilst we all want to be back, we want to be back safely and it has to be recognised that significant changes will have to be made if we are to achieve this.

I will ensure we communicate with you,particularly EYFS, Year 1 and Year 6 parents in the first instance, to update you on further developments as and when I have them.  I know as a parent myself how concerned you all are, believe me we too feel that way which is why we will be working to ensure we bring children in when it is safe for us to do so. Until then school arrangements will remain the same with the group of key worker children attending school.

Best wishes

Dave Porter (Headteacher)

Emma Wilkes (Chair of Governors)




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