‘Yesterday’ (pardon the pun) saw the 50th Anniversary of the release of Abbey Road by the Beatles.
In our KS 2 assembly today the children listened to one of the tracks and found out a little more about the iconic album cover and the impact the Beatles had on British culture.
I have set them the challenge of finding out more about the Beatles, the album Abbey Road and any of the tracks written by the Beatles.  Please help them find out a little more and encourage them to bring it into school.
I am also setting you as parents a little question.
What was removed from the picture of the iconic album cover?
If you find the answer let me know (if you watched 'The Chase' you may well already know!!)
The children listened to Octopus' garden.  What other song by the Beatles has a link to underwater?

Here is a fantastic PowerPoint on the Beatles by Olivia P in Year 5.
Well Done!

Fantastic piece of 'Beatles' work by Mya in Year 5. Well done.

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