Belle Vue –Dudley Tag Rugby champions yet again!

Our Year 5 / 6 tag rugby team yet again proved to be the best in the borough extending our record as Dudley Champions to three consecutive years.

On a cold and very windy day the team began with two qualifying matches. In their group were St Josephs and Queen Victoria Primary schools.  Our team seemed in part cold and also slightly overwhelmed to begin with but managed to win both games 4-2 and 4-3 respectively.

This put us through to the quarter finals as group winners leading to the team playing Manor Way.  This was a game that saw us defeat our opposition by 7 tries to 4 but not play particularly well in the process.

The semi-final saw us pitted against a school local us in The Glynne. Finally our team began to play as we knew they could and we came out comfortable winners 5-2.

Having won the semi-final we knew that we were again through to the Black Country Youth games (3rd consecutive year) and, for the first time, we would have a KS 1 and KS 2 team representing Dudley in different events-what an achievement!

The final saw us play Dudley Wood- a very well organised team playing much the same rugby as our own team.

The match ebbed and flowed with each team scoring tries until at 4-4 following good work from William Dunne, Charlie Jones in year 5 moved wide beating his man and sprinting into the try area to make the score 5-4 to us. Seconds later, the referee blew the whistle for full time and the team and the supporters could celebrate yet again.

It was lovely to watch the team work together particularly as they progressed throughout the rounds and this was exemplified by the amount of try scorers we had including two year 5 children scoring in the final (Luc Mayer and Charlie Jones) and a superb try by our speedster Mary Wall.

A special mention needs to go to Will Jones who has now 3 tag rugby champions’ medals as well as his try scoring feats this time round scoring 2 tries in every game including the final.

Well done all of you and particularly a big thank you to Coach Gav and all of the parents who came to support on the day!


Game 1 V St Josephs Won 4-2

Tries = Will Jones 2, Archie Hudson 2


Game 2 v Queen Vics Won 5-3

Tries = Will Jones 2, Mary Wall 1, Archie Smith 1, William Dunne 1


Game 3 v Manor Way (QF) Won 7-4

Tries = Will Jones 2, Archie Hudson 1, Archie Smith 2, Robbie Wiggins 1, William Dunne 1


Game 4 v The Glynne (semi) Won 5-2

Tries = Will Jones 2, Archie Smith 2, Archie Hudson 1


Game 5 (Final) v Dudley Wood Won 5-4

Tries = Will Jones 2, Charlie Jones 2, Luc Mayer 1

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