Sport Premium Review 2015/16

Training needs of staff

Staff have worked alongside SPORTING CHANCE coaches to improve their ability to teach games units when extra support was requested. Each Year group were coached for ½ a term .

Y4 Tennis   Y5 Rugby Y6 Rugby   Y3 Athletics       Y1 Throwing/Catching

PE leaders , teachers and SPORTING CHANCE coaches worked together to provide support and monitor impact for pupils in PE. Impact on the pupils was measured in a variety of ways:

  • - Evidence arising from observation of learning within lessons.
  • - Pupil voice opportunities ; discussions with pupils about the activities they have undertaken and their experience of teaching and learning in PE.
  • - Discussions with teachers and coaches.
  • - The views of pupils and staff.

    A staff training audit was completed by staff to measure the impact of the 2014 training day and subsequent work with SPORTING CHANCE. All staff are very positive and are now implementing learnt skills and approaches with own classes/groups.

    For 2016/17 we need to review our contract with Sporting Chance and increase the time spent by teachers planning, teaching and assessing the progress of pupils alongside the coach. Our next step should be less observing and more planning together and team teaching with a coach.

    Extra-curricular Sport

    Extra-curricular activities (6 x 1h unitsr) remain popular with pupils at Belle Vue.

    223 places in ACE COACHING courses (£3)

    62 Free places with SPORTING CHANCE

    92 Pupils have attended teacher lead clubs for gymnastics / football / netball

    Playground PE

    Having identified needs we decided to employ two coaches provided by ACE COACHING to work with several different groups at lunchtime.

    Y4 Challenging behaviour 16 pupils played a variety of team sports under the guidance of a Multisports coach. (14 sessions)

    Y4 Girls Only (20) played a variety of team sports under the guidance of a Multisports coach. (6 sessions)

    Y3 Each pupil (60) had 2/3 sessions of multisports. (10 sessions)

    Y5 Playleaders ( 16) worked to develop play leadership skills. (10 sessions )


    The impact of the Y4 sessions was welcomed by lunchtime supervisors who saw an improvement in behaviour and attitudes and enjoyed easier playground management when the pupils were working with Olly. The impact on the pupils was also measured by a very successful Summer of lunchtime sports. Pupils played a range of new ( badminton , boccia , dodgeball ) and old sports ( tennis ,cricket , football , multiskills , parachute ) with good behaviour and a high amount of participation.

    Pupil interviews were organised for pupils in KS2 who appreciated the lunchtime coaching and could explain what they had learnt.

    This pilot ran very successfully and we will look to repeat the process in 2015/16

    Competitive Sport

    This Year we have competed in

    Level 2 Gymnastics   14 pupils

    Level 2 Y2 Multi sports 10 pupils

    Level 2 Netball 10 pupils

    Friendly Football 30 pupils

    Level 2 Athletics 20 pupils

    Y3/4 Tennis 6 pupils

    Staff are encouraged to hold Level 1 competitions at the end of each unit.

    Sports day allows all pupils to compete in a throwing / relay and running event as well as a range of sports arranged by their teachers.


    Resources have been purchased to support existing curriculum needs . New mats for KS1 gymnastics were purchased and new apparatus will be purchased for KS2 gymnastics.

    Badminton / Boccia / dodgeball resources introduced KS2 pupils to new sports in the summer term.

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