Some lucky children in Year 1 have been taking home bedtime story bags. They will enjoy a story book, cuddly toy, hot chocolate and a biscuit. A special time before sleep to listen to a lovely story read to them by an adult. 

We have had some lovely feedback from the use of the story sacks.

Alba Green was one of the lucky ones on Friday 6th and appears to be very cosy waiting with her drink for a bedtime story to be read to her.

Thanks for the lovely idea of giving the children bedtime sacks. Oliver couldn't wait until bedtime to read the book, so we did it as soon as we got back from school!

What a fantastic idea these bedtime story sacks are.

Lily was lucky enough to bring one home tonight and asked me to send a picture into school, which I have attached.

She loved the story and gave the lovely penguin lots of cuddles. We read story’s most bedtimes but having the sack made it feel extra special for Lily. She can’t wait to draw a picture about the story to share with her friends at school on Monday.

Thank you for creating a lovely moment in our daughters reading journey.

Luke has really enjoyed have the story sack over the weekend. Stick man has always been one of his favourite stories but he really enjoyed having the cuddly toy and of course the biscuits lol

I have attached some photos of us reading together

Many thanks

Nina Gayden

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