Accelerated Reader-quizzing at home KS2

Hello everyone,
I have opened up Accelerated Reader to enable quizzing at home. 
To do a quiz:
Log on to RMUnify as if you are looking for 'Google Classroom'
Click on the Accelerated Reader tile-as shown above,
Log in as you would in school:
username:(first letter of your first name and first four letters of your last name-no capitals)
password: abc
Click on the middle orange tile 'Accelerated Reader'
If you are reading a school book, type in the code starting with a 2
If you are reading your own book, type in the title of the book
Take your quiz (no cheating)

Please don't worry if the book from home doesn't match the level you are on at the moment.
It is fantastic if you are enjoying your reading and want to take a quiz.

I will be checking to see how you are all doing and whether you are taking quizzes.

I will also be adding names and virtual certificates to show you all who has reached the top of their 'sunflower target'.

But most of all, enjoy your reading. :)

Mrs Cadman

Here are the results of the reading competition- well done to you all.
Keep reading and quizzing- I will leave the quizzing from home open until September.
Mrs Cadman

'Word' achievements:

Some of you may already know your 'word' achievements from before we started learning from home.
These are brilliant achievements and I am adding them to the website as you reach your next milestone.
Well done to you all.
Mrs Cadman.

4x Word Millionnaire
Faasai S - 6H

3x Word Millionnaires
Mya D - 5H
Esme S - 5V
Anna T - 5V

2x Word Millionnaires
Olivia H - 5H
Mia B - 6H
Gracie-Belle H - 5V
Corey D - 6M

1x Word Millionnaires 
Nathaniel P - 4CB
Hollie P - 5H
Abbie R - 5V
Mya H - 6H
Zachary S - 5H
Luc Mayer - 6H
Archie T - 6H
Jack C - 6H
Rebekah B - 6H
Abbie S - 6H
Alex T - 6H
Jack A - 6M
Harry B - 6M
Isobel O - 6M
Emily B - 6M
William D - 6M
Evie T - 6M
Jacob B - 5H
Sophia T - 5V
Rio A J - 6M


1/2 x Millionnaires

Zane F - 5H
Amelia C - 5H
Olivia P - 5H
Jessica Poulding - 5H
Sophia T - 5V
Ithica H - 5V
Daisy L - 5V
Luke BH - 5V
Charlie J - 6H
Bethany R - 6H
Harry H - 5V
Cole W - 6H
Alex Garratt - 5V
Harvey D - 6H
Daisy R - 6H 
Lilly D - 6M
Rhys W - 6H
Harry P - 6M
Sidney N - 6H
Isabelle S - 6M
Cameron C - 6H
Samuel F - 6M
Ethan P - 6H
Blayze G - 6M
Logan B - 6H
Jake F - 6M
Katie W - 6H
Madison L - 6M
Charlie BD - 6M
Demi L B - 6M
Constance B-3A
Evangeline T-3A
Olivia J-3A
Holly E-4CB


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