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We at Belle Vue see school uniform as something really important in:

  • promoting the ethos of a school,
  • providing a sense of belonging and identity,
  • setting an appropriate tone for education.

After listening to parents and carers during 2021 we decided to alter the supplier in favour of one that brought the cost of uniform down and make it clear what our expectations are for our pupils.  We hope that the list of commonly asked questions will provide further clarity.

Commonly asked questions

What logoed items do you have?

We only have two pieces of clothing that are logoed: the sweatshirt/cardigan and the PE t-shirt.

Do children have to wear logoed items?

No, children do not have to wear items with the school logo on.  We feel that it is important for families to choose whether they have logoed items such as a sweatshirt or PE t-shirt.  Children will not be reprimanded if they don't have a logoed items.  Parents are able to choose a generic sweatshirt, jumper, etc from a supermarket as long as it is the same colour, i.e. red.

Do my children need a different sports kit for different sports?

No. There is one sports kit, which doesn't have to be logoed.  Children are asked to wear a white t-shirt with red shorts for normal PE lessons.  The school will provide a sports kit when children compete in different tournaments.

I have lots of uniform from older siblings, can my youngest still wear the old uniform?

Yes.  We would rather you wear old but good condition uniform than throw it away.  When your child grows out of it you can buy the new uniform.

Don't you make money off the uniform, isn't that why you've changed suppliers?

We do not make any money from the sale of uniform.  The cost of the uniform we supply is what we charge.  We changed suppliers because the charges were disproportionate to the actual cost - nearly £18 for a school jumper is very expensive.

Which supplier do you use and how do we order?

We get our uniform from Gooddies School uniform must be ordered via School Money and will be delivered to school for collection.  We compile a uniform order every term.

Do you provide a swap shop or make second hand uniform available for sale?

We don't currently have a swap shop for uniform.  This is something that we plan to have in place by the end of the summer term 2022.  We are also in the process of setting up a provision to sell second hand donated uniform at a very low price.

Uniform Requirements

Please see below for our current uniform requirements.  Please speak to the office if you have any questions or concerns about the uniform.

Nursery Uniform

Children in nursery will be very active, explore and learn through discovery - often this means that they will get messy.  Children in nursery can wear suitable clothes, not necessarily full school uniform.  We do ask that they wear a sweatshirt.

Girls school uniform

Boys school uniform

Grey/Black skirt, skort, pinafore, cullotes, trousers or shorts

Grey/Black trousers or shorts

Black school shoes

Black school shoes

Red cardigan and/or v-neck jumper/crewneck sweatshirt

Red v-neck jumper/crew neck sweatshirt

White blouse

White shirt

School tie*

School tie*

Summer dresses or similar after Easter holidays

White polo shirt when the weather gets hot

*There will be two types of ties.  For those pupils from Reception to Y2 there will be a clip on tie.  For those pupils from Y3-Y6 there will be a regular one.  Nursery children won't have to wear one unless they want to.

If you have any concerns around children wearing a tie for sensory reasons please see their classteacher.

Girls Sports Kit

Boys Sports Kit

Red sports shorts

Red sports shorts

White round neck t-shirt

White round neck t-shirt

Trainers for outside

Trainers for outside

Black pumps for inside

Black pumps for inside

Dark coloured tracksuit for outdoor sport when it gets cold.

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