Vision, ethos & values

Our purpose

To establish, nurture and grow lifelong learners

Our vision

As a school, through our curriculum we want to: 

Establish in learners:

  • A thirst for knowledge and learning;
  • Positive and healthy relationships;
  • A sense of place in the community;
  • High expectations of behaviour and learning;
  • A sense of resilience, independence & self-confidence;
  • Clear communication skills;
  • A responsibility for their actions.

Nurture our learners so that they develop:

  • A positive self esteem;
  • A healthy attitude towards risk taking;
  • Creativity in all they do;
  • A tolerance of others opinions and beliefs;
  • A drive to succeed and betterment;
  • An appreciation of the natural world and our role in protecting it;
  • A passion to make a difference to themselves, their school and their; community;
  • An understanding of their own actions and their impact.

Grow our learners so that they are:

  • Equipped for their next stage in education and life;
  • Happy and content, resourceful and resilient;
  • Creative in their approaches to tackling problems;
  • Self-aware and able to communicate effectively in a variety of ways;
  • Grounded in our values and able to adapt to an ever-changing world;
  • Aware of their responsibility and impact on the wider community and beyond.

As a result of our vision:

Our Learners will thrive in a world of uncertainty, challenges and endless possibilities. They will be inspired and equipped so that they can change the world!

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