This spring term in Year One we are learning about our school and our local area.  

In Geography we will be looking at maps of our school and surrounding areas with particular focus on the finding the ‘Belle Vue oak tree’. Alongside this, we will be discussing changes that have occurred around the tree over time in History, looking at important events that have happened since the school was built in 1968.  

In Maths, we have built upon our knowledge and understanding of number to solve addition, subtraction and place value calculations. We have begun to develop our reasoning and problem solving skills too. If you would like to consolidate this at home, simple addition and subtraction activities both with equipment and mentally, would benefit your child. We are now starting to learn about tens and ones using both practical equipment and small jottings. See if your child can recall simple 2D and 3D shapes? We have been completing lots of work on this!  

In Literacy, both reading and writing, we have especially focused on our phonic knowledge and application. You will have received up to date information regarding your child’s phonics and reading progress. We have highlighted any sounds that may need more practise at home.  

The children have especially enjoyed our new story sacks! By sharing the story sack with your child, this will help to develop pleasure for reading and build upon their strategies, fluency and expression. Here are some photos of children enjoying story sacks at home. 

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