As part of our Autumn topic about the Great Fire of London the children read a story called George and the Dragon.

We decided to create dragons eyes.
We used Plasticine first. We made an eye using a glass bead and then used our shaping and squeezing skills to create the eye ridges and scales.

We then applied our new skills to work with clay. We choose an eye and then built up the eye ridges and scales around it and learnt a new skill called score and slip.

We then had to wait for the clay to dry out enough to fire in the Kiln.

We baked our creations in the kiln for 4 days until our eyes had ‘biscuit baked’.


We have painted our dragon eyes in metallic glazes but we are not sure how they’re going to look when they are fired.
Over the next few weeks we are firing our glazed eyes. We can only fire a few at a time because they are not allowed to touch each other as they would stick together.

We will keep you posted about the finished pieces of art work.

We have been working with our art specialist Mrs Morrison.

We are studying an artist called Georgia O’Keefe.

This week we looked at her flower art. She pretended that she was a bug in a flower and then painted what she saw. She liked to paint the small details on a large scale to make people notice art more.

The children have worked really hard to produce these wonderful pieces art in oil pastels.

This week wed looked at Georgia O’Keefe’s work with shells..

We concentrated on shape and line to create a shell shape
containing lots of lines found in real shells.

What beautiful, colourful work!

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