Year 5

During the spring term, in history, we will be learning about our local area.

Year 5’s focus will be on Webbs the garden centre, which has its roots in Wordsley! Children will be exploring where seeds were produced, how they would have been transported and how our local area grew as a result of this company.

In design and technology, we will be learning how to make a basic bread dough and how this can be modified to enhance flavour and appearance.

Having completed explanation texts, the children will turn their hand to narrative writing.

Following a focus on calculation strategies earlier in the year, the children will be looking at other areas of maths including statistics and shape, space and measure.

After learning about space during the autumn in science, the children are now gathering an understanding of forces, friction and air resistance.

Our unit of work on GIS is helping the children to understand how inputting data into a mapping tool can help with problem solving.

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