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June 2020

Dear Parents,

Although many children have being affected by changes to school life, there are a number of year groups that have been particularly impacted. None more so than our Year 6 pupils. This time of year is usually full of exam relief, excitement, anticipation, new beginnings and closure. It is a time for saying goodbye and for growing up by moving on to 'Big school'!

Your child would probably have been involved in a leavers show, induction days etc. We are keen to ensure that our pupils have the best end to their time at Belle-Vue as possible so we have decided to have a 'socially distanced' leavers assembly on Monday 13th July between 11.30am and 1pm. Each 'bubble' will remain separate from the other. In each bubble each pupil will remain socially distanced also. We would also like to welcome into school the Year 6 pupils who have chosen to remain at home if they wish. They will also have their own bubble to remain socially distanced in. Key work pupils will also be able to join in and again sit in their own bubble.

As a result, we are going to need some space, so we are going to hold this assembly on the school field alongside the park!

Unfortunately, we will not be allowing parents to attend the assembly as this is not permitted. The assembly will finish at 1pm when you will be able to collect your child from the field entrance. (Close to our assembly site) Please feel free to arrive as early as you like but remain on the park (the public space) to collect them. We cannot allow parents onto the site as we will have other pupils in school. All YEAR 6 pupils will leave school at 1pm.

We will have a number of gifts/certificates to award and will try to make the assembly as near to our usual fabulous event that it always is. We will also be saying goodbye to Mr Porter. I know that Year 6 are very important to him, so this will be an opportunity for him to see this fabulous year group together, but not together, for the last time. Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation and understanding of our methods at this time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact school.

Emma Wilkes
Chair of Governors

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